Welcome to the U.S. Agricultural Commodities in Drought website. This site provides information about the percentage of growing area that is affected by drought for various agricultural commodities according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

Statistics are calculated each week by overlaying USDM data on drought extent and severity over maps of major and minor agricultural areas for several commodities. Agricultural data are obtained from the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service Census of Agriculture, which is undertaken every five years. Major and minor agricultural areas are designated based on the intensity of production, the livestock inventory, or the acres harvested in the case of alfalfa and hay. A county is considered in drought if the center point of the county is in a drought area according to the USDM. The statistics presented on this site are calculated for each commodity by summing production across all counties in drought and then dividing that by the total national production for that commodity.

Agricultural Statistics, Monitoring and Management Information by Crop Type

U.S. Agricultural Commodities in Drought Archive

The U.S. Department of Agriculture produces maps and statistics each week showing how much and where drought is affecting production areas for each commodity. This report is available back to 2012.